When you’re buying a shed for the first time or replacing your existing one, we expect you have a few questions before you make your final choice! We’ve included a few of the most common questions below but please get in touch with anything that we haven’t answered!


We always recommend that you buy the biggest shed you can, provided that it fits within the space available – you never know when that extra storage space will come in handy! We offer an extensive range of standard and made to measure sizes and designs to suit every garden. Most popular in our small shed range are 6ft x 4ft and 8ft x 6ft. The bigger size sheds and workshops start from 16ft x 8ft to 20ft x 12ft.

Ideally your garden shed should be placed where there is clear access for the installation and ongoing maintenance (e.g. regular treatment). A sheltered position clear of overhanging shrubbery will provide a good location.

All sheds need a firm and level base. Options include a solid concrete base, paving slabs or chippings. If you are thinking of having a concrete the dimensions of the base should match those of the shed. If you have chippings they will need to be a minimum of 12 inches bigger all round. We can provide a site survey where we can recommend the most suitable base. We can also provide a service to lay the base for you; quotes available on request.

Some sheds are easy to dismantle depending on age and size. Once you have dismantled your shed you will need to dispose of it. This can be done at your Local Authority refuge site (can be subject to a charge). Town and Country Timber Product can provide this service if its required. Quotations are available on request and subject to a site visit.

If your shed is suitable for resale, your alternative is to advertise it in your local paper or via social media and suggest the buyer dismantles and collects.

If your order includes delivery and erection, your chosen product will be delivered and installed on the same day at a suitable date and time. A clear access route will be required from the vehicle to the prepared base, with no access restrictions such as archways, narrow passages, steps and tight corners. The sections are often large flat panels which may be as long as the building and it is not possible to lift the larger panels over fences and walls. It is possible to make sections smaller subject to a surcharge. Access through the house may be possible but may require a site survey and will always require agreement in advance. Please advise us if there are any access restrictions at the site when placing your order.

Shiplap is a traditional and popular cladding used for timber sheds and buildings. Shiplap features smooth planed and fully interlocking tongued and grooved boarding. This type of cladding ensures that rainwater drains quickly and the timber dries quickly and helps to ensure a longer life. Our sheds are built using sustainably sourced, fifth grade seasoned 125mm x 19mm tongue and groove boarding which is stronger than that used by many other shed manufacturers.


Loglap is an increasingly popular cladding profile for use in sheds and other garden buildings. Loglap features smooth planed and fully interlocking boarding with a rounded external log effect. This cladding ensures that rainwater drains quickly and the timber dries quickly helping to ensure a longer life for your shed. Our sheds are built using sustainably sourced, fifth grade seasoned 125mm x 25mm boarding.


Our sheds are pre-treated with a solvent (oil) based pigmented wood preservative.

This active preservative penetrates deep into the wood protecting against the weather (including mold, wet and dry rot) and giving timber a rich long lasting colour without hiding the grain. Red Cedar is our most popular shade but other colours are available.


Timber is an organic material and as such is susceptible to warping, splitting and shrinking during changing temperatures and weather conditions. To minimise timber movement we therefore recommend buildings are thoroughly painted twice a year with a high quality exterior oil based wood preservative.

This can be supplied by Town and Country Timber Products if required. The wood preservative we supply is water repellent, safe for use near plants when dry and is suitable for rough sawn and planed timber.