We recommend and use a solvent based, pigmented wood preservative. This means the active preservatives penetrate deep into the wood giving years of protection against the weather and all types of decay, while giving timber a rich long lasting colour – without hiding the grain.

The product we use also has a water repellent formula which is harmless to plants when dry.

The wood preservative we sell is available in 5 litre tins at a price of £29.95 and comes in the following colour range:


Pick up a tin today at our Johnston workshop or at the Withybush Sunday Market in Haverfordwest.

Please note that timber is a organic material and as such is susceptible to warping, splitting and shrinking during changing temperatures and weather conditions.

To minimise timber movement, sheds should be thoroughly painted twice a year with a high quality exterior grade preservative.

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Town and Country Timber Products Wood Preservative